A vote for Democrats is a vote for … business?

By Chris King:

A vote for Democrats is a vote for … business?

That is not what voters usually hear, but it is true. Especially here in Northern Virginia, which is a diverse and dynamic business hub: tech, defense, engineering, real estate, law, non-profit, others.

Many of the region’s executives and entrepreneurs are Democrats. And as Democrats we know that a rising tide lifts all boats. Take my business of commercial real estate finance. The market in Fairfax County, like elsewhere, relies on transactions. Transactions rely on growth. Growth relies on people having money to spend. The best thing that can happen to a wealthy apartment owner in Tysons is that more tenants can afford to pay rent. But what happens when rent gets diverted to cover huge medical bills? Or when massive student loan payments keep recent grads out of apartments?

Republican policies of slashing taxes and gutting regulations are short-term gain for long-term pain. And sometimes not even short-term gain. North Carolina businesses paid the price when a discriminatory bathroom bill sent sports and entertainment elsewhere, and diverted potential investment – much of it to Virginia! Kansas businesses paid the price when the state slashed taxes and public investment. Virtually every business paid the price when lax regulations overheated the economy and led to recession in 2007.

Our policies are more stable, responsible and forward-thinking.

Both Democrats and Republicans say they stand for American ingenuity, competition, and free enterprise. The difference is that we want those things within a fair legal and regulatory framework, whereas Republicans often seem to want no framework at all. But how does a restaurant in Herndon benefit if local water is contaminated? How do consumers in Burke feel confident in business if they have no legal recourse for fraud?

Democrats are better for business. Owning that message can mean running up the score for Tim Kaine and winning VA-10 this year. It can be the difference in taking majorities in the VA House and Senate in 2019.

Driving that message is a top priority of the Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia (DemBiz). DemBiz aims to foster a collaborative and productive environment for business Democrats, from professional networking among its members to broader business messaging among candidates and elected officials. Join us to help spread the message:

A vote for Democrats is – without doubt — a vote for business!



Chris King is president-elect of Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia and a senior capital markets professional in commercial real estate

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  1. Well said, Chris. The most effective business policies focus on strengthening people and communities.

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