The health insurance public option is a fraud

By Todd Smyth: The “Public Option” for healthcare insurance was a distraction, promoted several years ago by the insurance industry, to keep people from supporting a single-payer system. Pres. Barack Obama actually dropped his support for a public option in…

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FCDC Chair Dan Lagana: We stayed and won

Message from Dan Lagana, chair of Fairfax County Democratic Committee, to volunteers who helped Democrats overrun Fairfax County in local elections on Nov. 5: WE STAYED IN THE FIGHT – AND WE WON FAIRFAX In the exhilarating hours following our…

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Alec Baldwin campaigns for Dems in Virginia

By Susan Laume: Actor Alec Baldwin spent Tuesday afternoon visiting four of the forty Democratic campaigns in Virginia endorsed by People for the American Way (PFTAW) in the 2019 election. Baldwin, a PFTAW board member, delivered pizza to Dan Helmer’s campaign…

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