Providence Democrats elect new leadership team

Andrew Pavord and Saddam Azlan Salim have been elected co-chairs of Providence District Democratic Committee for 2020-21. Providence, like all Democratic committees in Fairfax County magisterial districts, is undergoing a biennial top to bottom reorganization, including election of new members and leaders.

Also at its reorganization meeting Dec. 9, Providence accepted 120 membership applications that had been filed during the open period ending on Dec.1. This total is just 10 short of the 130 limit on regular voting members decided by Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC).

Providence can continue to process new memberships, up to the limit, but members elected after last week’s meeting will not be eligible to vote for FCDC county-wide leadership at the general meeting on Jan. 7 at 7:30 pm at Woodson High School. For more information on that meeting, click here. 

Besides Co-Chairs Pavord and Salim, other Providence leaders are: Nate Baldwin as Secretary, Dan Press as Treasurer, Jessica Sun as Precinct Operations-North, Josh Rubner as Precinct Operations-East, Sara Albamonte as Precinct Operations-West, Jennifer Oh as Finance Vice-Chair, Tina Barchik as Event Planning Vice-Chair, Geofre Schoradt and Ajay Gupta as Outreach Co-Vice-Chairs, Adam Abutaa as Technology Vice Chair, David Bean as Legal Affairs Vice-Chair, and Sara Jane Brady as Membership Vice-Chair, and Jim Webster as Communications Vice-Chair.

The Committee plans to create two new Vice Chairs in February, naming Brandon Thurner as Vice Chair for state-wide support and Kiana Khodadad as Vice Chair of Youth Affairs.

Photo: Providence District new leaders (L-R ) include Ajay Gupta, Nate Baldwin, Tina Barchik, Jennifer Oh, Jessica Sun, Josh Rubner, Andy Pavord, Saddam Azlan Salim, Geofre Schoradt, Sara Albamonte, and David Bean

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