FCDC Chair Dan Lagana: We stayed and won

Message from Dan Lagana, chair of Fairfax County Democratic Committee, to volunteers who helped Democrats overrun Fairfax County in local elections on Nov. 5:


In the exhilarating hours following our astounding electoral victories on Tuesday, one of our successful candidates posted the simple phrase, “WONFAIRFAX.”  Another successful candidate posted that “One Fairfax Won.”   And still a third reported “ALL-FOR-ONE FAIRFAX.”

And so it was …. a thorough, smashing, historic victory for Democrats everywhere in the Commonwealth, from Dranesville all the way to Virginia Beach, and from South County to Southwest Virginia.   From the takeover of the Virginia state Senate and House of Delegates, to a near sweep of the County Board of Supervisors, to the reassertion of Democratic-endorsed full control of our School Board, this election represents the culmination of our three-year battle to restore Democratic values to our community and commonwealth.

A record-breaking re-election win for our first woman Sheriff, the triumph of a young progressive Commonwealth Attorney, and the election of excellent Democrats to the Soil & Water Conservation Board make this election one to savor for a long time to come.

We installed at the leadership of our governance an experienced, proven, ready-to-lead chairman. Backing him up is a strong team of Democrats who have considerable public policy or elective experience and expertise. We have elected to our School Board a diverse and incredibly talented group of public servants.  We have elected a top prosecutor who will instill 21st Century ideals that are reflective of the realities with which we deal on a daily basis.  If that doesn’t generate enthusiasm for governing, I don’t know what will.

The other day, one of our dedicated volunteers wrote that in a local election year “all the enthusiasm in the world means nothing if you don’t have a plan for transforming it into practical action. And all the great candidates in the world don’t guarantee victory if they don’t cooperate and share resources.”

And so we did.  Even if we did have to “knock” some heads together occasionally. And you – that’s right, YOU – the volunteers, the activists, the operatives, the creatives, the door-knockers, the phone-callers, the poll watchers. Working together we were able to match our needs with resources necessary to get the job done.  And finally, let’s not forget our once-and-forever favorite dance partner, the Sample Ballot.  Does anyone among us ever need question the unshakable power of communicating with voters as they head into the polling place?

On behalf of Democrats everywhere, Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Dan Lagana
FCDC Chair

Photo: Dan Lagana (L) congratulates Karl Frisch on his win as Providence District School Board member at the election night watch party for Fairfax Democrats

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